Origin Tendence

Tendence is a watch company, which is established in 2007, in Lugano. Tendence watches can be distinguished from other watches. By their movements with unique contemporary dimension, which you can see with the combination of innovation, style and audacious design. The watches are made with plenty master ship of efficiency. They are also made with the right technology, qualitative materials and the right movements.

Kinds of Tendence watches

The watches we sell of Tendence are made of synthetic. It are very colourful watches. We sell the colours pink, blue, black, orange, yellow and green. All watches of Tendence in our shop have the movement Quartz. This means the watches have a battery. This battery works about one till five years. The time is indicated on a unique way. Only the numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 are indicated. The rest has rounds or stripes. These watches are meant for people who aren’t scared to distinguished themselves from others, in fact to be different. 

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