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Naf Naf Women Watches

Naf Naf An Upcoming Watch Brand

The NAF NAF watches haven't been around that long are already getting quite popular. The target audience of the brand are fashionable modern women . The brand is known for their bold taste and their sense of humor which is reflected in the NAF NAF watches campanges and designs . The designs of the NAF NAF watches are very colorful and are available in many different colors.

NAF NAF a French Watch Brand

The NAF NAF watches are made in France. The most luxurious models of NAF NAF watches are covered with Swarovski Crystals. The NAF NAF Watches collection currently includes 14 models with 63 variants of all models include timepieces Citizen Miyota.

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NAF NAF was founded over 40 years ago by brothers Pariente and is growing into an seriously large clothing brand. Besides the clothing lines NAF NAF has an eye for perfumes, bags , eyewear , shoes , bags , gadgets and so Last introduced their NAF NAF watch collection in Basel.

NAF NAF Watch Shops

NAF NAF has 600 stores located in fifty different locations all over the world. With bright and bold colors NAF NAF is clearly trying to show their love for Paris and its romantic atmosphere. In 2009 the brand was taken over by Vivarte group (this is a group that has 24 different shoe brands as well as clothing brands brands). The international growth since then has increased significantly because exporting to other countries where the NAF NAF Watches brand could grow even more became more important.

NAF NAF Watch Lines

NAF NAF only has a women collection. The products are made with excellent quality and are very affordable. NAF NAF has many different lines, you have basic standard, custom basic line (specifically based on the Parisian life style), and the romantic atmosphere line with many variations in colors.