Men Watches


Men watches are specially designed for the men, but there are very much watch models. Men watches are mainly worn as a real watch, but an increasing group of men starting wearing watches as a decoration. By wearing a beautiful watch on your wrist, you improve your appearance a lot. Men watches are not only used to look up the time, it’s an extension of your personality. Therefore it’s important that you pick the correct men’s watch, and of course we are here to help you!

What is a men watch?
Men’s watches can range from basic steel cases with leather straps, to very creative or high-end materials that are almost a piece of jewelry. In general men’s watches are larger and heavier, and look more sturdy. But on the other hand we have also a lot of basic business watches which will perfectly match with a decent suit for example.


Movement in men's watches
Most men's watches are constructed with an automatic or quartz movement, there are however also watches available with a digital or mechanic movement. An automatic movement winds itself during wrist movements. This means that you don’t need a battery for an automatic watch. A mechanic movement needs to be winded by hand, and also doesn’t have a battery. A quartz movement is a movement that gets powered by a battery just like the digital movement.


Chronograph men's watches
Many men's watches have a chronograph option. That allows you to use the men's watch as a stopwatch for example a time observation. A chronograph can be on a quartz men’s watch, an automatic men’s watch and a mechanic men’s watch. The analog chronograph men’s watch has mostly three buttons: start, stop and reset. Digital men watches have in general more options, you can for example also measure lap times.


Waterproof men's watches

For most men watches, you don’t have to worry about the water resistance. We even have watches that can be taken up to 1000 meters under the water. The offer ranges from splash water proof to 100ATM (1000 meters). ATM is an expression for the pressure that is forming under the water. 1 ATM is in theory equal to 10 meters depth. When buying a men’s watch you should take into account that the theoretic depth isn’t the same as the actual depth that’s allowed. Because you move around under water and other pressures are forced on the watch, you should take a real diver watch if you plan to dive with it.


ATM Recommendation
We recommend that a men’s watch with:

  • 3ATM and 5ATM can be worn during rain
  • 10ATM can be worn during showering and swimming
  • 20ATM and higher can be worn during swimming and diving (to certain depths).

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