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Mechanical Watches

mechanical watches

The mechanical watch is equipped with a mechanism that allows you to wind the watch manually. By dint of this mechanism, the mechanical watch doesn’t need a battery.

How does a mechanical watch work?

A mechanical watch is comprised with a spring and a plurality of gears. The mechanical watch also requires energy. Where the quartz watches needs a battery, the mechanical watched need to be hand-winded. By turning the crown clockwise you wind the watch. When you do this every day, the watch will run very accurate. When winding the mechanical watch, you are running a feather. The distributed resistance ensures that the watch is accurate.

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Mechanical watches in different styles

The mechanical watches that are sold on our site are carefully selected for you by our experts in the field of watches. Men and women can always come to us for a beautiful mechanical watch in his or her style. Some models have an open movement, this allows you to see the mechanism. We also offer other unique models that perfectly suit your own style.

History of the mechanical watch

The mechanical watch is known for many years in history. The mechanism of a mechanical watch was invented around 1525. Mr. Jacob Zech found the mechanism to provide proper location and timing for the sailors. In the centuries after that, people still tinkering with the operation to make it perfectly precise. With the advent of the quartz watch, the mechanical watch was out of the picture for a while. But the mechanical watch is rising again. A mechanical watch can go along for centuries with proper maintenance.

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