LED Watches

Led watches

The LED watches are digital watches with a special time display. The time is indicated by LED lights. This technique is still quite new and therefore very special. The digital watch is difficult to read, but when you 're used to it, it's simple, and of course very cool!


Digital Clock LED Watch

The movement of a LED watch is digital and uses computer technology. By using this technique the LED watches are very accurate. The LED watches use a battery in order to put them into operation.

Maintain a LED watch

Maintaining a LED watch is very simple. The battery in the watch is very thrifty, so you don’t need to replace the battery often. You have to be careful with your LED watch in combination with water. Most LED watches that you can buy at Mega Watch have an ATM value to 10 ATM. This means the LED watch can handle a shower, but when you go swimming or play another watersport we recommend to not wear it.

Order your own LED watch!

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Do you have questions about any of our LED watches? You can always contact a watch expert at Mega Watch watch, they will gladly give you the answers to your questions.

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