Casio started with the name Kashio Seishanso that was founded in 1946 and is best known for calculators, watches , computers and PDAs. Casio is one of the most successful electronic manufacturers in the world.

History of Casio

Casio is also one of the first watch manufacturers. Casio launched the first digital watch in 1976. They have succeeded in integrating a calculator in a watch. And even after that Casio continued to search for new technologies and developing new watches.

Casio Collection

Casio created the 'robust watch' with the name G - Shock in 1983. These are great watches and are suitable for many different people. For women there is a Casio G - Shock collection with the name Baby-G. These are also robust models, but with a feminine touch.

Beside the big G - Shock watches, Casio also has smaller watches. They still have a sporty look but are slightly less coarse. There are models with complementary technologies, including radio signal reception and operation of solar energy. These watches are especially suitable for practical use.

As you can see, Casio has a large selection of watches in different styles. There is a wide range of products, each suitable for different styles.

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