The company Diesel

The company Diesel SpA , also known as Diesel, was founded in Italy in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and Adriano Goldschmied . In 1985 Rosso took over the entire company. His goal was to make clothes for younger people. Diesel has been a global success with clothing, shoes and jewelry since 1991 . It also has a home collection and a watch collection.

Diesel Watch Collection

Diesel watches are, just like the rest of the brand a big success . Any watch that is getting launched is full of rugged and tough details. The Diesel watches attract a wide audience because the design of the watches are unique and innovative. With the creativity of the designers and the freedom they get, any watch will get the most beautiful design. Because the designers can free in designing what ever they like, every six months new models are launched.

Diesel also has a collection with ladies watches . This collection consists of a wide range of watches with different styles. Many of them have a tough look, but with a glimpse of elegance. And also in the ladies collection the designers were free to design anything they liked.

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