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Looking for a Citizen watch? Buy them directly online!

Citizen is a Japanese brand. The brand exist since 1918. The  original name of the company is Shōkōsha Tokei Kenkyūsho. The name of this brand started because of a Citizen watch, this watch was sold in 1924. This brand is very well-known and successful, because it is one of worldwide producers of watches.

Citizen watches and their technique

The Citizen watches are especially known by their technology. The technology of Citizen watches happens inside the watch. The watches of Citizen are very stylish. The designs of the watches are very different, this way the customers have a lot choice. The watches are available in several colours. Citizen has watches for women and for men. Citizen is also well-known by their ergonomic watches. The watches charge themselves by light-energy. Other watches have a battery or they are automatic. This is one of the reasons why Citizen is so special and successful, because they make a difference. 

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History of Citizen watches

Citizen is a well-known brand. In the beginning Citizen didn’t have this name. Since 1924 the company named Citizen, because a watch was sold in 1924. After this the brand became really successful. The brand sells watches worldwide.

Colours Citizen watches

We sell several colours of Citizen watches. We sell the colours: blue, gold, beige, black and silver. Some watches have more than one colour, for example black and green. We also have different colours of dials. These are black, beige, blue, silver and white. Some dials have stripes instead of numbers, there are also a few dials with Roman numbers.

Collections Citizen watches

Citizen has many different collections. The collections are named Citizen Promaster, Citizen Evolution, Citizen Satellite Wave, Citizen Chrono, Citizen Superchrono, Citizen Skyhawk, Citizen Titanium, Citizen sport, Citizen chronograaf, Citizen ladies-watches and Citizen men-watches. All these watches are provided by Eco Drive. This means the watches charge themselves by light-energy. This is very good for the environment. It are all very unique designs, because you cannot compare the designs with each other. There are watches available which look very classic, but there are also watches available which look very sturdy. There are also a lot of casual watches, which match with everything. So there is a watch of Citizen available for everyone.

Affordability Citizen watches

The prices of the watches are different. Citizen gives the customers enough choices and affordable prices. Citizen watches belong to the middle segment prices.

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