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AB Wooden watches

AB Wooden watches

AB Aeterno focuses on making 100% natural products (like the wooden watches below) through an awareness program that focuses on sustainability. They believe that integrity is the essence of the company. This is the reason why AB Aeterno is proud of the values they represent. So they work with a program that focuses on environmental, social and economic sustainability.

- The products such as wooden watches are 100% natural, and without any kind of polish or varnish that may be harmful to people or the environment.
- Their effort also goes out to logistics strategies like: the reduced weight of the wooden watches reduces the pollution derived from air transport.

With each wooden watch you buy, you improve the world! For each wooden watch that is bought, they donate a contribution to planting trees and to social projects to support children in poor areas.

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The wooden watches collection by AB Aeterno is born from the passion for fashion and nature. AB Aeterno is able to create a unique wooden watch collection and design, giving birth to a one-time bond between nature and fashion.

The concept of elegance that they want to transmit with the wooden watch collection begins even before seeing them: The AB Aeterno box is the synthesis of natural elegance with which they have focused on the simplicity of natural wood combined with the elegance of the faux leather on the box that gives you the impression of an object that is rare.

Each wooden watch from the collection is truly unique because of the the wooden veins. AB Aeterno wants nature to come back to fashion with respect, so the wooden watches are not only a collection of watches, but also a new way to change the idea of fashion.

The concept of AB Aeterno for the eco-fashion is inclosed in the young, fresh and innovative slogan:
NATURE IS BACK TO FASHION. With this slogan, they want to express the new idea for fashion.

By modeling the wood, AB Aeterno created a unique line of wooden watches. All different designs and collections can be found in our extensive assortment. All watches are made of 100% sandalwood or maple wood.

AB Aeterno is also engaged in social activities. Through their Corporate Responsibility Program they work with a humanitarian organization that allows them to help the neediest children. They donate a portion of their income for each wooden watch that they sell to support needy children. All that work on the concept of eco-fashion makes them a real watch collection.

Indeed, time and wood, not only make a simple watch, but a symbol of solidarity with the earth on which we live.